Ward Dewi’s new facilities transforming lives

Gafael Llaw

A couple of months have passed since the new sensory room opened on Ward Dewi, Ysbyty Gwynedd, thanks to Gafael Llaw’s £120,000 donation.

As well as the new sensory room on Ward Minffordd, the bathroom facilities on Ward Dewi were also upgraded to meet the needs of children with disabilities.

The new facilities are already having a far-reaching effect on the lives of the children who spend time on the ward.

One of those families are Nerys and her son Bedwyr, who contact us to share their story. Bedwyr is 4 years old has a very rare syndrome, Coffin-Siris Syndrome. Bedwyr has significant learning disability, no understanding of language nor any spoken language and unsafe swallow. Due to the complexity of it all Bedwyr is a frequent visitor to Dewi Ward and having such fantastic facilities will make the process that much easier.

Nerys, said: “What a lovely serene place it is. The new sensory room is so quiet considering it’s on the Children’s ward. It takes you away from all the bleeps and the hustle and bustle of the ward. Bedwyr loved his time in the sensory room and even touched a light wand! This is such a huge step for Bedwyr’s development as he doesn’t touch things nor play with anything. I ordered a one straight away and the wand is now a toy Bedwyr plays with on a daily basis at home.

“The facilities are amazing and I’d like to thank everyone who worked so hard in getting such fabulous resources on the ward. Our children spend a lot of time in hospital and having amazing facilities really help the whole family. Your dedication, hard work and amazing fundraising allows our children to have some giggles and smile!”

This is why and for who the money raised by our fundraises and the work of our volunteers is life changing.

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